Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aussie Adventures Blog #4

I’ve added more audio files to this blog. They will run for 15 minutes to finish. Click the little grey square below the S in the word MUSIC at the top to stop the audio player.

Well my adventures continue, this last couple of weeks, Christine was visiting for 8 days, which got us out and about visiting markets, beaches and events at the “Brisbane 08 Festival” Here’s some notes from my diary:

Up at 6 am left for Eumundi craft fair inland from Noosa at Eumundi. Put $75 worth of petrol into Dom’s Range Rover and only just over half filled it. The Eumundi Market is a good one, well worth the visit. Bought a whistle from the strolling Frenchman, four types of whistle, Bird, Kookaburra, duck and cat (he’s coming up in the audio).

Mesmerized by Paul Thorley on the “Cigar Box” Delta Slide blues Guitar, and talked to Fleur his partner all about them, here is the link to his site

and returned to the Strathpine Station, heading into Brisbane.
Where I stood........... and said.....
We caught the train to Yeronga where we saw the last hour of the “Into Africa” Event, fantastic! I danced, photographed and recorded the last band Musiki Manjaro.
As you can see by the photos, I was stuck by the beauty of the African race, lovely energy, fantastic hair and so charming, I seized the opportunity to photograph at close quarters as we danced to the happy, joyful music.
We caught the train into Town to have tea with a friend, we watched the All Blacks beat Australia 31-10 in Auckland in the Regatta Pub on the corner of Coronation Drive and Sylvan street. Interesting toilets in the gents, one way glass on the urinal. (strange feeling watching others walk by as one does one’s business!) Later in the week I interviewed Xavier Minali for the first interview of “The SaxMan Podcast”. This went very well, a really nice guy, full of passion for the sax and fresh from his America trip, we got on well. After the interview he played the piano while I jammed on Autumn Leaves. He’s written a great blog about his trip, here the link to it!
Waited for 20 minutes for the train and played my sax on the platform, it always amazes me when people put money into my case…’s a gift, in more ways than one! Queensland Public Library, (different from the Queensland State Library, just across the river) is another massive new building, with a very distinctive shape and windows at slanted angles. The books are returned onto a conveyor belt. You can watch the bar code being read and see the books be filed away automatically. I’ve never seen libraries being used so much (might be the wireless broadband internet connection and all the free events/lectures they run? )
This is in the Queensland State library, reminds me of seeing people in Lotus position, while in an internet cafe in Bali.
How's this! A beautiful polished stainless steel handrail down to the beach at Bribie Island.......Awh I love walking along beaches....relaxing, feeling expansive and reflective.
Back in Brisbane walking around with my Sax over my shoulder looking for a busking spot. Fellow buskers Nick (6 string guitar bassist) and Ben (Conn tenor sax) invited me to join them which I did (not so successful couldn’t really follow, as these two young guys are Jazz Course grads and very fluent with there material. They start busking at 7am and play till after 9am. I had a great chat with them and followed them to a cafĂ© for their breakfast. More good recording material. Here is their web site

Went to the Griffiths University Conservatorium Library, a brilliant place, selected material I wanted to copy out of their Saxophone Section and spent about 1 hour copying and learning all about the copy machines.

Yeah right.....Child a major problem, and Maccas, is a problem everywhere.The Ibis birds are quite a tourist attraction, as they scavenge from the food cafe's leftovers on Brisbane's South Bank.

Later in the day just before heading home I revisited Ben & Nick’s busking spot near Central Station. I started playing near another busker (Terry) and he came over for a chat, saying, if you set up near another busker, you "give em some distance mate!", he was ok about it, offering to let me blow while he had a rest, I chatted to him. He says he can earn $100 on a good Friday night and $200-300 on weekends, starts at 6am and goes till mid morning then another break and starts again around 4.30pm and goes into the night often finishing at 3 am or later. As far as I could see, he only rattles a tambourine, Hari Krishna Style, so how he gets $200-300 in a weekend amazes me! I have left the Warner house sit, thanks Dom and Cathy and returned to my first house sit near Beenleigh where Louise and Jonathan have very kindly invited me to stay for a week till I fly up to Cairns next week for the third house sit. This one is in the mountains inland from Cairns, where I look after 2 dogs, 8 chickens, & 10 goats. Should be fun as Madi our friend, the mad Swiss cyclist will join me in Yungaburra.
She has already biked the 1800 km + north from Brisbane, camping most of the way, so I'm sure I will have plenty to report on, for Blog # 5.

So till then B good and stay safe Mate, ….awh Mate, ….Maate, ………Maaa-ate!