Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still clearing plates.


Well still clearing my plate.

All of this lovely breakfast, above (apart from the mushrooms), was grown or made on the property right here in Rosedale,  Home made bread, our own free range eggs, and tomatoes fresh out of the glass house.
So no carbon credits went into the production of this meal, however there was a fair bit of ozone depletion from other healthy gases afterwards.

As you can read, the photo above was sent direct from my iphone via the posterous app straight to this blog page and was a trial for posting from the hip from cafe's bars, and any rogue wi-fi spots I find on the road.
Don't worry I will be composing my blog on my laptop having recently purchased a secondhand Mac G4 and will not be posting too frequently! Also this is my first mac, which will be interesting!

Some of my wood collection, ......never to be seen again!

The last month has been full on! Finally getting the wood auction completed. With such a glut of good woods to choose from, there was some very good bargains. Still the log jam of 25 years of collecting does take some clearing, and now I'm on my way.

There's Trev the Auctioneer and Kokopelli sitting on the gate!

A few little stories about the auction,......... a friend who shall remain nameless (Bernie) asked if I had any wood suitable for a banjo neck. I said yes I have this beautifull piece of 5X2 american rock maple 4 foot long, which would be perfect for you!  He came back to me just before the auction got underway saying, "I've tested that peice of wood, it has a lovely ring to it" (he had held it up between fingers and knocked with his knuckles) It was early in the auction so I mentally noted that it sold for only $5.  So excitedly I said to Bernie, "did you get it!" No he said "I hadn't registered and didn't bid!
Exotic wood went for chicken feed,,,,well to my eyes anyway!

.........Another story after the auction I helped an older fella (once again nameless, Ross) load up a huge pile of wood turning blanks and little scraps of unusual woods. Ross said, "I used to have my own business, employing 5 people, "but it took toll on my health"  and is now on 24 pain killers a day, he now wood turns, making spoons and salad servers and can stop for a rest when the pain is too severe! And here he was loading all this wood onto his pick up!

This wood was so nice I kept most of it for making some beautiful tables upon my return.

My Sax practise recently has been going much better getting 90 minutes in most days, even my teacher is impressed, still gotta keep practicing though! Then I have practise for a Jazz workshop with Pete Canter in Toddington, Devon in June. Still to finish modifying an older sax case to fit both my alto & soprano.

We also had a visit from another "Warm Showers" cyclist. Caroline the Marathon runner from NYC, oh to be young again, and super fit. Holidaying with out much training, she just breezed our local half marathon and walked in the National park after the run!

I will do another blog after my Birthday/Bon Voyage party on the 17th....Oh didn't I tell you....I'm going to be 60 years young......what a privelege....many people don't get the chance!

Down to the final month now and quite a few more plates to clear!

Cheers and Ciao

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