Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If you're not happy now, you never will be!

Well Salumat Pagi once again from Bali and welcome to Blog #3

You might think the title is rather a strange way to start a blog.
These last two weeks have been full on with events and happenings, like sound healing journeys, sax playing, a native American Indian Peace Pipe Ceremony, a Brahma Kumaris Meditation event, massages and yoga classes.
It was that last one, the Yoga class, where a slim Balinese woman teacher finished the 2 hour class with relaxation, by playing music from her mobile phone (rather odd to me, but didn't matter in this relaxed state) and finished the class by reading some quotes - and that's where the light turned on when she read what became my opening title for this Blog. It also became my mantra for the last two weeks.

If you're not happy now, you never will be.
This is my new yoga mat tote bag, which doubles as a soprano sax shoulder bag.
Rooster baskets, sometimes the most simplest things are the most beautiful.
Raw palm sugar and blimbing (star fruit) as it's called here in Bali, also called carambola, doesn't taste as good as it looks.
 Superman of the future blesses my sax.
Rice planting right before my very eyes, while practicing.

The Bali equivalent of taro, called Ubi Talas.
Great what you see, just walking around.
Some scream when they see icecream soprano man.

Neck problems - who me - what neck?
The local boys have found me by following the sound.
Putu on the left, Made, and Koming on the right, 7 and 8 year olds.
Right at home flying their kite from the corner of my patio and yes they got right to the end of the string.
Indonesia Independence Day celebration and pollution day.
I say pollution because the parade finished with 200 kids carrying burning Bamboo stick torches.
The kids loved it....
Walking to the jewellery silver-making workshop with some ideas in my head I picked up this frangipani flower. I don't need any more ideas now.

Oh the pleasure of hands, working again.
These wonderful patterns laid into the concrete floors are so common, one tends after a while not to see them, a shame really.
Here is Christine's new silver brooch, as usual I took the size to the maximum material size available. 
And the finished set. I think the boss will be happy with these.
This is the preparations for Penjor and Galungan Day. A special day marking the start of the Balinese new year (210 day year). Outside each house or business they stand up a long bamboo pole beautifully decorated. Its purpose is to show devotion to God in his manifestation as Hyang Giri Pati (the God of the Mountain). Livestock sacrificed for this ceremony are believed to become better creatures in the next life. From my perspective doesn't do much for their current life.
John Coltrane and me in a reflective mood and mode.
This may be the only time you will see John Coltrane and me on the same stage.
Another revolutionary sign made by the Saxman. This is the key to everything in the improvising of music world. I believe do this regularly and doors will open.
It's happening!

The very first image and these last two are taken at Taksu Spa. I became a regular there when I discovered their American trained Head Masseuse had recently trained up some local people to give a special Ayurvedic/Yoga/Massage. They massage and pull you into yoga stretches and then massage the stretched muscles. It's exquisite pain and release all in one. The surroundings are beautiful and the shower afterwards is sublime. Their special rate for the month to help the locals get some experience was only 100.000 RPS for 90 minutes (that's $13 NZ) and being a canny Scot, I've currently had three with about two days between each one. I walk in and float home, don't even need to say - If you're not happy now, you never will be.

Next Blog will be some Penjor activity, my recent trip out to the countryside to go to the Paon Bali Cooking class, and maybe my report from Kaulu Lumpur.

Till then stay safe and be happy!
Sampai Jumpa (See you later)

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