Saturday, April 23, 2016

Art Deco Land
Still in Catchup mode this one was late Feb 2016

Napier turned on fabulous weather, our first trip to the Art Deco Weekend.
All in all the era of the 1930's seemed to have allot going for it with the clothing, the style of the period, the cars, the music and mix all that with wholesome family values. One feels good to be alive and this was very much the theme in Napier. Many people dressed the part and were definatly out to have a good time (in period) So nice to see people actually enjoying themselves, parading, showing off and displaying manners and style.
Something we don't see so much in todays world....or am I living in cloud cookoo land?

 This blog will mostly be photos to give feel for the Weekend option is to check it out for yourself next year!

Such a well balanced photo

A gangster in the making!
Anybody favourite Grannie

dancing literally on Main street Napier
MacDonalds is that way...Sir

Wooden Mahogany drawers under the running board..
now that's class....and wot a lovely colour!
Jolly good show Chaps...What Oh!
All the way from Wanaka
so the driver told me!

This 10 year old boy was totally focused on playing...
and BOY could he play

Two sisters one with style...
the other with runners and a bottle
Both sweeties!
My fist car was one of these..
Except mine was a two door
Morris 8

The parade...a Bert Munro look alike.
I'd give you a Farthing for every time
 you've ridden that bike...mate
Strange.... this type of transport was a wartime thing
 I'm told!
I parked 2kls down the road and clowned into town

Those are real Kiwi kids
bare feet!

Napier Art Deco Weekend was a blast...would love to go back again next year and take it a bit more leisurely
Next we head North around the East Cape.

Till then stay safe, have fun and B creative
Jimu & Christine

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