Thursday, July 13, 2006


visionariblog Travel times up ahead! Bon voyage friends family & fellow creatives! I leave in 3 days for 3 months mostly in Bali, Indonesia. In all my travels ( & there's been many) this is the first to the real Asia. I am spending a few days either end of the trip in Singapore to acclimatize going in & checking out the geek side of technology before returning home to the joys of spring.
As I type here in wonderful wet, cold, wintery Nelson with temperatures around 10 deg C, I look forward to the tropical warmth of Bali's 25-30 deg heat.
What am I going to be doing on this trip! I am taking this great opportunity, to ponder, to dream & to set in place what I & We, my wife and I (Christine) will be doing for the next twenty years. So this trip is really a spiritual retreat, part holiday away from winter in NZ, but mainly to go inward, to develop areas that will create an exciting future into retirement and beyond. I always said " huh I'll never retire, I enjoy working too much" well this form of retirement and its pondering is really very joyous!
I will be playing my Saxophone, doing regular yoga, meditation, and self massage, as well as writing a one man play (called a melodrama) on the subject of Leonardo Da Vinci. I have much material already saved on my laptop plus a few books, so time will have to be structured and my focus sharpened on a daily basis! There is much to be influenced by in Bali, and will be taking regular time out to reflect and return to the jobs at hand.
This is the first travels with a laptop, so communication with home and the rest of the world is available & therefore travelling alone need not be so isolating. I intend to do a Visionari Bali Blog every 2 weeks, Please feel free to post me on this blog, so we can all see how blogs work! So till then enjoy yourself at work and play.
Blessings/Peace/ & Namaste



Roger said...

Well done Jimu for creating this opportunity for yourself. Go deep!

I'm looking forward to learning about blogs via your site.

Jimu said...

So am I Roger. It's all new to me, which has gotta be good!