Friday, July 31, 2015

Bus trip in NZ before North American Travels

Finally I managed to recover sufficiently to go away in our bus before heading away overseas to the  North Americas...which includes Canada.
There is nothing worse than calling a Canadian an American, very much like calling a Kiwi, an Aussie.
My experience is that Canadians and Kiwi's are similar, and Aussies and Americans seem to be a natural fit too!
You will be glad to see the back of me!

My physiotherapist  Kate, (come torturer) took this shot to show just how out of balance my shoulder back muscles have become over the last 4 months (the healing one is the right shoulder)
She is good... 
She pushes all the tender spots,....
 She tells me I'm making good progress....
She tells me what I don't want to hear...
Finally it sinks in!

 The last couple of weeks I've been testing a new/old camera out lent by a friend,  my large old Olympus with the nice long zoom, has developed battery charging issues, which were fixable though more than the camera was worth. I now have a little Pentax Optio 750Z to play with for a while so some of the photos are from this little beastie!

This new camera can focus (on Super Macro) to 20mm 
which make it tricky not to get the camera shadow in the shot.

 Frost on a black car with a bronze filter...
Does it look warmer!

Now I can take two shots on the one frame....
Hmmm... creative possibilities

Out little bus parked for lunch at Cable Bay

View towards Pepin Island

Very New Zealand-ish icons

Ward Beach

I can and do walk the beaches for hours in bliss about nature

Same coast as Kaikoura, same environment feel and smell.

Fishy business on the rocks or maybe a Rock Star

Interesting's really the eye of an enormous sandfly!
Petrified....well wouldn't you be if you came across it!

Same coastline as the famous Moeraki Boulders
I wonder if they are related?
 Anyway marvellous superglue!

The wind was drying out these chalky sort of rocks creating beauty before my eyes.

A dribble made by God
Trying to get my watercolour skills up for traveling to warmer climes
The sun rises out of the sea, while still in bed at Marfells Beach
What a tough life we have as motor homers.
The last day of the "Creative Journeys" watercolour class.
Taken in Wellington on a summers day at lunchtime!

Just today while walking around New struck me how "New Zealand" everybody is around here. Usually I notice New Zealanders when I return to NZ after extensive travels overseas.

Anyway I'm sure I'll have much to report back to you all from the land of:
Impressive Natural wonders.

From the Land of:
"The Biggest Losers" the TV programme.

And from the land that thinks:
"Bigger is definitely Better"

Take Care...have fun.....and be Creative...safely!



FlyingKiwiGirl said...

Glad you enjoyed Ward Beach, it's beauty isn't it. If you carried on walking past the 'marbles' around to the next point there are some amazing limestone sculptured rocks and a seal colony. Have fun overseas, will look forward to reading all about. Safe travels, relax and enjoy every moment.

Heather said...

Travel well Jimu
Look forward to seeing and reading.... and yes, little camera's certainly have their place and are lots of (secret!) fun.
I've used mine in places the big ones aren't allowed!!

Jimu said...

Thanks Heather,
Digital cameras these days are often allowed (without flash) to shoot indoor exhibitions and museums, a great improvement.