Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Well yes the weeks have flown by....the opportunity to blog has not been easy however, finally an update, mostly photos.

The trip from NZ I managed to pick up a cold sitting under the air conditioning

My first trip on a Boeing 777-300, quite a step up with the technology.

Coming into LAX airport Los Angeles
The land of the RV also comes into view
We got an Air Canada flight to Vancouver flying near Mt Rainier.
This is the original Starbucks store, down at Pike Street market,
 people queue to go inside, 
I don't see what they see in Starbucks!
Down on the waterfront at Canada Place one of the two huge cruise ships leave dock
A sculpture to mark the Olympic flames journey to Vancouver
Such a beautiful harbour with cycleways and walkways,
 even float planes all on offer for tourists
We spent all day at Granville island, where its very touristy and a shoppers paradise.
This is a hiking boot for ladies.....the high heel version
I've even seen hoodies for dogs!

Sweet tooth-ville.

Reminds me of being in Japan, 
then I see who is behind the counters....Asians
The indoor market at Granville Island was really something
....display wise you understand....just looking....mostly! 
A concrete making yard with whimsical hoppers
The wheels at the back are for putting the concrete materials in...I think?
We were about to go RV-ing in America....
this is only the Good Sam book...
there are others.....geez!
We went and took the Boeing factory tour, on a sunday, rather an unusual tour, through the largest building in the world, which had the largest mural in the world on the doors outside, and not able to take photos in the factory or on the tour at all, still they had a pre museum...(and gift shop) which you could take photos.
Perhaps the most interesting detail to me was that Mr Boeings first two plane sales, Sea planes was to the New Zealand Flying Club in 1918
The older construction with rivets etc, circa 1970's
And the modern constructions, with carbon Fibre
They have special planes to cart pre made parts, 
like whole wings in these swollen body dream lifters.
From the Cafe at Boeing.....this for me...sums up America....

Thats all for this blog folks
Next blog will be touring around Seattle, Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier
The photo above has Mt St Helens in the background.

Till then have fun, stay safe and be Good.

Cheers & Caio Jimu & Christine

Ps Do you want Regular, 2% soya milk, decafe 
or fries.....I always say...No Ice!

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